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The history of Niobrara Valley Vineyard takes you back to the late 1800's. Greg and Tim's Great Great Grandfather, Joseph Nenzel, founded the town of Nenzel in 1899. The Nollette's are the fifth generation of Nenzel-Nollette's to live in the Nenzel area. The Sandhills is an area that we have all learned to love. The rolling sand dunes, open spaces, clean air, abundant wildlife, water and the roaming cattle herds all make this a very unique part of the world.

The Nollette's are only the 2nd family to live on this ranch since it was homesteaded around the turn of the 20th century. The original homesteaders also supplemented their income from harvesting the native fruits of the area.

Greg being an Agriculture Education instructor and former Nebraska LEAD fellow started wondering if grapes could be a crop that would do well in the Sandhills and in 2002 we planted our first grapes. There was a local market for the grapes with George Paul Gourmet Vinegars if we were successful in growing them. The first experimental varieties did well and so almost every year since we have expanded the vineyard trying even more varieties. The wines we have produced have been very well received and have won several awards at various competitions. Many have told us we have the best red wines they have tasted anywhere!

The same dedication that has gone into the development of our quality cattle over the past 30 years is carried over into our wine making. We focus on quality, not quantity. Our customers keep coming back and tell us we make some of the best Nebraska wines. We hope that you enjoy the Sandhills experience! We also love to meet new friends so if you are up for an adventure to the Sandhills, stop in and see us!




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Niobrara Valley Vineyards

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